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Warehouse Demolition

Warehouse Demolition

Demolition Tregon is a leading construction and demolition company that handles different types of projects including:

  • Commercial building demolition
  • Office demolition
  • Small building demolition
  • Old building demolition
  • Extreme building demolition
  • Warehouse demolition and many others

We are always updating our skills and acquiring new equipment to offer a diverse range of demolition services to the satisfaction of our customers. We are committed to surpass the needs of our customers by offering the best demolition, dismantling and construction services.

Warehouse Dismantling

Warehouse demolition involves the bringing down of large industrial steel sheds using large hydraulic equipment, cranes, excavators, raised work platforms and the like.

We specialize in the demolition of large and small warehouses with our focus being the reclamation of land and recycling of demolished materials. Our warehouse demolition experts work in Canada and the United States where they have continued to show their great understanding of demolishing warehouses.

We have a team of skilled warehouse demolition experts who provide real value to our clients such as competitive rates, waste minimization and excellent service.

We Understand Our Customers

We value our customers’ time and this is the reason we offer a service that puts them first. We will give you the best estimators to take care of any warehouse demolition issue that you have. You can reach us by phone, web or e-mail.

We are fully licensed to offer demolition services and we are also insured. This means that our clients and employees are protected. We will clean up after completing the job to leave the site spotless.

We are a Creative Team

Demolishing steel warehouses required knowledge and expertise and this is exactly what we offer at Demolition Tregon. We have the equipment that guarantees job completion including large dump track, excavators and bobcats.

Our demolition team has the skills and knowledge for free-flowing warehouse demolition.   

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Our team will help you to make the best decision whether you are closing shop or expanding. We will even compensate you if you have an overstock or surplus equipment that need to be removed in a timely manner.

Call us for a free estimate or to schedule a walk-through of your site.

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