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Tank Demolition

Tank Demolition

Demolition Tregon offers complete demolition services including the taking down of bulk concrete and steel storage vessels. We are highly experienced in operating specialized equipment and we are certified in several industries making us a valued demolition company to our customers.

We are energy conscious total demolition experts for example; our cutting methods are made up of hydraulic shears that use low energy while improving safety around flammable atmospheres. Due to the high sensitivity of chemical demolition, our staff performs atmospheric monitoring around the work area of tank demolition projects.

We often take down the following:

  • Concrete silos
  • Bulk fuelling terminals
  • Groups or individual tanks from tank farms and refineries
  • Demolition of ground piping and proper handling of residual products

Examples of Tank Demolition

Tank Farm Demolition

We take down entire fuelling facilities measuring up to 5 million gallons. This includes piping systems, warehousing, concrete containers and load racks. We contain the residual products during demolition. Steel is also prepared on site and transported to the local recycler.

Demolition of Selective Tanks within the Facility

We are active plant demolition experts and we do this by observing the highest safety standards. These standards ensure the safety of your factory and our machine operator; the operator is safe inside the machine from physical and atmospheric hazards.

Demolition of Concrete Storage Tanks

We demolish large concrete storage tanks after they’re decommissioned. We take down the large concrete tanks and take care of all loading and unloading of equipment. We remove all sub grade cement transfer lines including the ones that are beneath the pier.

Fuel Storage Tanks Demolition

We remove high-rising storage tanks near highways or high-voltage lines. At Demolition Tregon, we have long-reach excavators with hydraulic shears that dismantle steel tanks with ease and precision. This allows us to demolish tanks in a safe and controlled way.

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