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School Demolition

School Demolition

Demolition Tregon offers a complete range of school demolition services. Regardless of the type of building the school was in, we will demolish and dismantle it and clear the space up for new development. If you only want a part of the school demolished to free up space for renovation or upgrade, our demolition contractors will do the job for you.

As a demolition service provider, we only hire the best. Our staff consists of highly trained and experienced people who have the knowledge and skills to handle school demolition. Our staff is qualified to complete any school demolition project by providing the following complete demolition services:

  • Total or partial interior demolition
  • Total or partial exterior demolition
  • Total building demolition
  • Trash removal
  • Underground storage tank removal

Partial School Demolition

Call us and request our reliable demolition service if you want a part of your school demolished for upgrades and renovations. Our demolition contractors will come to your site and check the building to be partially demolished.

This type of demolition cannot be conducted during the learning season. We will show up during the holidays and complete the project well before learning resumes. This will give you the time to upgrade or renovate the school building.

Total School Demolition

If the school is not in operation anymore and you want to use that space for something else, we will conduct a total demolition. We have the skills and equipment for a total demolition of your school.

After demolition, we will recover any recyclable items and send them to the recycler to help you save money. We will also take care of the trash meaning that you don’t have to spend extra for trash removal services.

We are one of the best construction demolition companies and we are looking forward to working with you.

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Our team will help you to make the best decision whether you are closing shop or expanding. We will even compensate you if you have an overstock or surplus equipment that need to be removed in a timely manner.

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