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Chemical Demolition

Chemical Demolition

If you are looking for reliable demolition contractors, look no further than Demolition Tregon. We are your most trusted professional for safe demolition of chemical plants or any other industrial facility. We work with chemical plants and factories all cross Canada and the United States. This means that you can access our incredible demolition services no matter where you are. Call us today and get quality demolition service that you deserve.

We are Chemical Plant and Hazardous Sites Demolition Experts

We understand the importance of dismantling a chemical plant safely. Our track record of demolishing chemical plants is impeccable and we have never endangered the environment or the lives of workers. We observe the highest industry safety standards when it comes to chemical demolition. We will clear the area of operation in line with your schedule and this will help you free extra space and earn back your lost assets by preparing and collecting any recyclable product.

Unique Chemical Demolition Process

Demolition Tregon is committed in understanding all the new engineering solutions. When it comes to using chemicals for demolition, the use of chemical agents is one of the most progressive and exciting methods for advanced structural dismantling. We have embraced chemical demolition because we are committed in offering complete demolition services and we have become successful at that.

We use non-explosive chemical demolition agents because they have incredible benefits. The chemical powder releases impressive expansive strength of up to 18,000 PSI when mixed with water. We then pour the agent into drilling holes and the demolition process starts silently. The concrete is fractured slowly and the stones are broken down into smaller pieces that are easy to manage. By using this method, we demolish a large structure without any vibration, blasting, noise or dust.

This is a fast, effective and cost-effective method that we have perfected for demolishing buildings.

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Our team will help you to make the best decision whether you are closing shop or expanding. We will even compensate you if you have an overstock or surplus equipment that need to be removed in a timely manner.

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