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Bridge Demolition

Bridge Demolition

Demolishing a bridge is not an easy process considering that bridges are some of the most complex structures constructed by man. Bridge demolition requires high building techniques and engineering expertise. A bridge is not just made of concrete and steel, it has other components that must be demolished differently.

This kind of a task should not be handed over to any demolition and dismantling company. If such a task is handled by demolition contractors who are not up to standard, there will be negative environmental impact that may even put lives at stake.

We are a total demolition and construction company that understands everything about bridge demolition. With our able demolition service, we take down bridges in a fast and safe manner without any negative impact to the environment.

Our Bridge Demolition Techniques

When taking down a bridge, different types of technique are required such as concrete cutting and sawing for removing portions of the deck, abutments and pier. Steel beams or concrete beams need special consideration as you continue with the demolition process.

Many bridge foundations make use of piles and other foundation systems. If a bridge uses piles, they have to be excavated or cut below the surface. These processes are not easy especially if traffic is being allowed. In most cases, any work on a bridge must be completed on time to avoid causing traffic mayhem.

As a reputable demolition company, we understand all the challenges of bridge demolition. Every bridge demolition task that we undertake is completed before time to avoid causing any inconvenience.

Bridges play an important role by connecting the national infrastructure. Bridge demolition, rehabilitation and construction are services that should be handled by demolition and construction companies that deliver on a regular basis; there is no room for error.

Demolition Tregon has the staff and equipment to complete a bridge demolition. We have a diverse background when it comes to working safely, efficiently and on a timely manner.

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