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Air Pollution Reduction Tips During Demolition

Demolition is risky and requires high safety standards. Substances such as crystalline silica, released when concrete is crushed are toxic to humans and can cause tuberculosis, silicosis and lung cancer. But crystalline silica is one of the many pollutants that demolition contractors are exposed to. To keep the workers and the public safe, demolition contractors must set up safety measures to prevent air pollution. EPA and OSHA regulations demand safety measures such as Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for employees among other steps that we will outline in this article.

Air Pollution Reduction Measures

Dust Control
Building demolition causes tons of dust and this includes asbestos and crystalline silica particles. Demolition involves crushing and cutting of demolition materials that release a lot of dust. Without the right dust control measures, residents and workers can be exposed to harmful dust that places their health at risk. To prevent dust pollution, building wraps and wetting agents can cut the spread of dust.

Construction Barriers
These barriers prevent the spread of harmful airborne agents such as carbon monoxide, mold, adhesives and bird excrement.

Fans and Ventilation Tools
These tools depressurize occupied areas to draw away contaminated air. Demolition contractors use air pressure monitoring tools such as micro-manometers to know the air pressure of occupied spaces in construction zones.

HVAC System Analysis
This system allows building construction systems to draw contaminants back into the occupied spaces.

Vacuum Cleaners
They help control dust by wet regular wiping and mopping the surfaces.

AT Demolition Tregon, we have the knowledge and skills to prevent demolition air pollution. We are passionate about reducing the environmental impact of our demolition works. From commercial demolition to industrial plant dismantling, we have worked in different settings to reduce air pollution using a number of methods including the ones that we have highlighted here. Contact us today to learn how we can demolish your structure with zero air pollution.

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