Understanding Construction Site Demolition and Salvage Equipment

The wrecking ball is a timeless symbol of demolition but it’s rarely used today on demolition sites. Why? Because a wrecking ball is highly imprecise. Today’s demolition contractors are likely to use more precise equipment such as high reach excavators and other modern equipment.

Crushing concrete for recycling: concrete can be broken down into gravel. This broken down concrete can be recycled on-site and used as road fill or for plumbing. This not only reduces costs but also earns LEED certification points.

Tearing down upper stories: we have excavators that can reach 82 feet. These machines include a transport joint and this allows us to switch to shorter arms; this helps us to cut the time meant for accessing equipment.

Sorting materials for salvage: asset recovery helps us to sort different building materials on the demolition site. Our equipment helps us to organize and move metals, concrete, wood and other materials. This allows us to recover assets efficiently.

Removing rebar from concrete: scrap metal is a source of income for our clients. Concrete recycling also offsets demolition costs. However, to get back this value, we must separate each material including removing rebar from concrete.

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