Top Salvageable Materials from Demolition Sites

At Demolition Tregon, we like to keep things green by recycling demolition materials. Recycling reduces the landfill waste and allows reuse of products. We support the health of our local environment. Recycled materials are also cheaper than their virgin counterparts.

With that said, distinguishing recyclable demolition material at a demolition site can be challenging. We have the skills to distinguish salvageable material from trash. The following are the commonly recycled materials:

This is widely used building material and we recover this material for use in new pavement projects.

Recycled wood from demolition sites can be reused for flooring, countertops, and paneling. Reclaimed wood is appealing to vintage designers.

Drywalls should never be left in landfills because they leak smelly and toxic sulfate into local watersheds. Drywall is made up of gypsum that is sandwiched between two sheets of paper and can be reused in many ways. It can be processed to make new drywall or used for patching walls. The gypsum can be extracted and added to cement to cut CO2 emissions during concrete creation. Gypsum can also be used in landscaping to improve water retention in soil, allow water penetration and encourage the fast growth of plants.

Even when recycled, glass retains its durability and can be used to make different products including windows. Small portions of glass can also be mixed with asphalt to make road surfacing.

Metals such as aluminum, steel, and copper can be melted and reused. Steel can be reused repeatedly and still keep its strength.

We save millions of dollars of every year and cut environmental impact by keeping these precious resources out of the landfill. Contact us to learn how you can capitalize on demolition projects and save the earth’s natural resources.

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