The Best Practices for Industrial and Commercial Demolition Contractors

There are regulations that are set aside by safety and environmental organizations that commercial, industrial and residential contractors must stick to. These regulations include those by OSHA, EPA in addition to those set by the state, city, county or province. In some areas, a demolition company must submit permits to take down a structure.

Following these standards and rules protects demolition companies from customer complaints and lawsuits.

Proper Handling and Disposal of Toxic Materials
Some building materials have toxic materials that must be handled with special attention such as asbestos and lead. A demolition company that applies the best practices usually partners with, such as, licensed abatement contractors when dangerous materials like asbestos is involved.

On the Job Safety
The best industrial, commercial and residential contractors keep their employees up-to-date with the latest techniques through training to keep them in the know. For example, when taking down an old fuel storage container, a skilled demolition contractor will avoid causing sparks of any kind. A single spark, in this case, would cause a big explosion leading to injuries and loss of lives.

On top of providing continuous safety education, demolition companies focus on:
Planning annual training on dangerous material and protective clothing for demolition contractors.
Drug tests and physical exams for all workers.

Coexistence with Nearby Businesses
When taking down buildings or structures that are close to homes, businesses, hospitals or schools, demolition contractors must agree with the stakeholders on the best way to remove the structure. In populated areas, piece by piece demolition is the best approach.

Green Demolition
The top demolition companies use green demolition techniques such as dismantling by hand to save reusable materials like bricks, flooring and other building materials. Another way is to recycle and reuse the materials on site by using a concrete crusher to turn chunks of concrete into reusable gravel like we do here at Demolition Tregon.

Demolition is an industry that requires high-level planning on the part of the employees. If you are picking a demolition company, pick one that adheres to the best practices that we have listed.

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