Power Plant Demolition

Power Plant Demolition

At Demolition Tregon, we understand that safety comes first when it comes to power plant demolition. The risks are endless during power plant demolition such as hazardous material and dangerous construction debris.

Reliable Demolition contractors

Finding a reliable demolition company with vastly experienced and trained demolition technicians who have knowledge in safe dismantling, remediating and cleaning up the site is not easy. In addition, the demolition and dismantling company should complete the task with minimal disruptions to the daily plant operations.

As a company offering total demolition services we work to meet all the needs of our clients. We will work in your site and carry out the dismantling process safely and with little or no disruptions.

Cost-Effective Service

We also understand that a power plant might still have old but still re-usable equipment such as old gas turbine generators. These are valuable assets for other companies that are looking to cut power generation costs. Recycling old equipment also helps the company to avoid high demolition costs. We offer a power plant demolition service that is cost effective and benefits the property owners.

Removing Asbestos

Asbestos demolition is another factor that must be considered during power plant demolition. Many power plants have asbestos installed because of its insulation abilities, heat resistance and it doesn’t react to chemicals.

A reputable demolition company should know how to remove asbestos and follow the guidelines to prevent any delays or complications.

Our solutions are developed to offer total demolition services for power plants. We meet all the safety standards and we also come up with ways of lowering the costs. Our engineers and technicians are experienced and well-trained to offer the best power plant demolition service.

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Our team will help you to make the best decision whether you are closing shop or expanding. We will even compensate you if you have an overstock or surplus equipment that need to be removed in a timely manner.

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