Lead Paint and Scrap Metal Dangers

Lead Paint and Scrap Metal Dangers

Most North Americans are aware of the dangers of lead paint. While you won’t find leaded paint in stores, it still covers the walls of older buildings. Lead is a dangerous chemical that can lead to serious and even fatal health disorders.

According to the EPA, demolition contracting companies are required to stay up-to-date on the best lead handling procedures; these regulations apply to builders and commercial demolition companies.

At Demolition Tregon, we deal with industrial and commercial demolition and this is the type of work that includes lead paint. The following shows how torching of scrap metal and steel can expose workers to lead poisoning.

Why lead was added in paint
Lead was used as a tint and as an agent to aid in paint flow. Lead pigments are opaque and they cut the amount of paint needed to cover a large surface area. Lead is also highly durable and neutralizes the acidic oil in paints to make the finish stronger, crack resistant and flexible. Today, lead has been substituted by nontoxic titanium dioxide.

Dangers of Lead Paint
Lead is dangerous and should be avoided by all means possible. It is found in different areas of a building from pipes to window frames. Most buildings constructed before 1978 contain leaded paint.

Contractors must take extreme caution to avoid releasing lead fumes or dust into the air. Lead dust is released into the air when paint containing lead is heated, dry-sanded or scraped.

Torching scrap metal for cutting into smaller pieces can result in lead exposure if it is not done correctly.

To protect workers from lead poisoning, the EPA requires demolition companies to be certified in the lead, renovation, repair and painting program.

At Demolition Tregon, we understand all the environmental and employee safety regulations. Our employees are also trained to complete demolition projects safely by preventing all the dangers including lead exposure.

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