Is it Feasible to Recycle Concrete in Industrial and Commercial Demolition?

It’s hard to imagine all the tons of concrete and steel surrounding you in any city in Canada or the US being used in another project. This is exactly what should be done in progressive building demolition. Recycling concrete is good for the environment because it eradicates the need to mine new raw materials. The following article shows how recycled concrete may be used and why recycling is important. Finally, we will show you our award-winning approach to recycling concrete.

Feasibility of Recycling Concrete
One office building or plant carries a lot of concrete once demolished. This concrete can be processed off-site or on-site. Crushing it on-site is the best approach as it saves money on transportation. Shipping concrete to processing center uses a lot of fuel. You can avoid the Co2 emissions by processing the concrete on-site.

The market for Recycled Concrete
Clients prefer that we leave the processed concrete on-site for various uses. Once the recycled concrete is crushed down to the gravel, it can be used in a number of ways:
As pipe bending
In soil stabilization
As a sub-base layer for building foundations and roads
As structural fill
As landscaping material

Benefits of Recycling Concrete in Demolition
Demolished concrete can be used in many ways for new projects. It can be used in place of gravel that has to be extracted from the ground. This reduces fuel emissions that would be needed to transport concrete to processing plants.

We are a leading demolition company when it comes to salvaging and recycling demolition materials. Demolition Tregon offers concrete crushing and recycling in both industrial and commercial settings. Our demolition processes also make use of cutting-edge technology and are earth-friendly.

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