Commercial Demolition Produces New Recyclable Material

Using a wrecking ball to bring down a building is not economical or efficient anymore. This practice made sense long ago but it’s not the way to go for a modern demolition contractor. The most successful demolition contractors in the United States and Canada recycle as much as they can on-site. Recycling is effective because it cuts the costs of demolition.

Demolition Tregon is excited to be contributing to this new trend in commercial, industrial and residential demolition. We work closely with demolition machine manufacturers and contractors to come up with more efficient ways of recycling building materials on-site. This saves on fuel cost and keeps architectural trash from landfills.

The following are some of the commonly salvaged materials on a demolition site:
Steel Processing
Steel is the skeleton for most buildings, so it’s not surprising that most demolition jobs involve tons of steel scrap. The best commercial demolition contractors offer steel processing service in addition to demolition. For example, here at Demolition Tregon, we maintain a fleet of powerful steel cutting and sorting tools.

Concrete Crushing
Modern buildings contain tonnes of concrete. We have invested in state of the art concrete crushers that turn the concrete into site fill, sub-base layers for roads or pipe bending.

Building Material Repurposing
We salvage building materials such as doors, sinks, light fixtures, and others for use in future construction projects. This type of demolition is labor and time intensive as it must be done by hand. Deconstruction offers the chance to save nearly all reusable materials in an office building or home.

We are a thorough and precise demolition contractor in North America. We are passionate about salvaging, reusing and recycling as much material as possible. Give us a call if you’re looking for an environmental-friendly demolition company.

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