3 Tips for Demolition Companies When Picking a Subcontractor

Usually, demolition companies have a group of trusted contractors who they call upon for regular projects. These types of relationships are based on mutual trust and go back years. However, there comes a time when a demolition contractor must look for new contractors. The reason might be a demand for a new skill or the regular subcontractor might be occupied with another task. For this reason, demolition contractors must be prepared to vet potential subcontractors.

Failure to vet subcontractors puts a demolition company at risk of producing low-quality results. Also, demolition projects aren’t easy and hiring the wrong subcontractor might lead to worker injuries or even death. Finally, some demolition projects involve dangerous substances that must be handled with care to protect the environment.

In general, demolition companies should look for financial stability, dependability, skilled workers, expertise and strong management in subcontractors.

3 Tips to Pick the Right Subcontractor
Research: ask for references, check customer reviews or speak to past customers. News reports and the official city documentation are nice resources to get information about a particular subcontractor. Also, the agencies in charge of pollution control will definitely have useful information about a subcontractor.

Study the certifications and industry associations: a subcontractor with specialized certifications shows dedication to excellence.

Financial performance and sureties: carry out research to tell whether your preferred subcontractor has ever filed for bankruptcy. You can also ask for additional financial data such as yearly revenues, total and current assets, net equity and most importantly, insurance. Before you get into business with a subcontractor, ascertain their surety provider’s name and contact information. You should also get their aggregate bonding capacity, single project bonding capacity and bond rates for their volume of work.

If you’re a demolition company that holds itself in high regard, then you should demand the same from the subcontractors.

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