Tregon Demolition Services

We have hired a team of experts with the technical knowhow and skills to handle projects of any size. Our team uses these skills to pick the best equipment, materials and methods for every job.

Demolition Tregon company specializes in commercial and mechanical demolition in Canada and the US. At Demolition Tregon, we pay close attention to detail while demonstrating a hard-working and professional attitude that we know will take us forward

We bring down structures with high precision and planning associated with their creation.

The Demolition Tregon team also uses the best strategic communication plan to make sure that we are in line with the standards that are accepted by regulatory agencies and community groups


Demolition Tregon company specializes in commercial and industrial demolition

Building Implosion

Building implosion is an effective way of bringing down the building by bursting it inwards and cut all structural supports..

Building Demolition

Every building demolition project that we undertake is well planned and organized.

Structural Demolition

Complete structure leveling be it a high-rise building or a house.

Selective Demolition

We are the leading demolition company when it comes to interior and selective demolition.

Robot Demolition

We have invested heavily into remote-controlled demolition robots to safeguard the health of our workers.

Building Deconstruction

We have trained deconstruction staff that deconstructs different types of structures to salvage materials that can still be reused.

Mechanical Demolition

As reliable demolition service providers we continue to emphasis on development and investment in the latest skills and equipment.

Controlled Demolition

We have invested heavily into remote-controlled demolition robots to safeguard the health of our workers.

Demolition Hauling

Demolition Tregon offers unparalleled familiarity and skill in demolition and hauling structures at the end of their working life.

City Demolition

Our demolition experts are highly adaptable and can work in both inner city locations as well as out-of-town areas.



What Our Clients Say About Demolition Tregon


1. The right execution in assembling our equipment, organization and cost efficiency showed us how good it is to work with the right demolition company. Our project was done on time and this made us respect what this company has to offer. We are glad to have chosen Demolition Tregon.

Didier Piedalue - Agent


I would like to take this chance to thank Demolition Tregon for the excellent job you did for us on bringing down the partitions in our offices. The technicians were professional and highly cooperative plus mindful of a working environment.

Fausto B. Sullivan - Tech


My experiences with Demolition Tregon have been on the upper level of workmanship and professionalism. My only concern was how they would work around people but those concerns were quickly erased as everything was done right without any problems.

Jim T. Allen - Tech


Your technicians show great attention to the protection of power lines, and buildings near-by and this shows an incredible ability to adapt to your working surroundings. The demolition job was completed well before the deadline and this was quite amazing. I recommend this company for future demolition projects.

Shannon E. Toney - Tech


I would recommend this company for any project involving demolition. These guys are the most skilled demolishers in the industry that we have ever worked with.

Charles L. Spann - Tech


Thank you for the good job that you did for me in a three-story building in Montreal. The on-site work and the planning stages were superb and I would personally like to thank you for sticking to our requirements, regards.

Jenny Doe - Web Developer


This demolition company has been excellent to work with. I would like to congratulate you because you are always available at a moment’s notice and you always come prepared. You have clearly demonstrated the ability to work around other structures. Thanks a million for your help.

Jesse Lorenzini - Tech


The demolition of the tank and the barn was done quickly and professionally. Your work appeared easy because your skilled workers know how to handle the equipment. I am impressed.

Zachary Dampier - tech



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Industrial Dismantling

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School Demolition

Demolition Tregon offers a complete range of school demolition services. Regardless of the type of building the school was in, we will demolish and dismantle it and clear the space up for new development.

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